Our Brand Monitor provides 24/7 access to relevant news and discussions in online and offline media, in a personalized login environment. Your personal online dashboard displays sentiments, trends, volume, influentials, opportunities and dangers that are important for your online and offline reputation. It is possible to create real-time reports based on this information to see where discussions take place, or instantly get an alert or text when something important is going on. To share this information in your organization, you can create a personal narrowcast with a projection of various data about a subject or brand. Besides that it’s also possible to integrate internal social media monitoring in your dashboard, such as Yammer, Sharepoint or Slack.


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All-in-one solution for all online & offline media, internal social media, print and RTV
National and international media
Create dynamic reports
Find out which relevant topics are being discussed
Daily e-mail updates
Text alerts
Create an unlimited number of narrowcasts
Manual or automatic sentiment analysis
Measure your ROI and media value
 Integrated customer care tool


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    Buzzcapture Benefits

  • All-in-one solution for online and offline media
  • Daily e-mail updates
  • Manual or automatic sentiment analysis
  • Measure your ROI and media value
  • Create dynamic reports
  • Integrated social CRM tool