Online and offline reputation management makes sure you’re busy keeping your organisation up-to-date in a structured way about everything that’s going on. Together with our analysts, you’ll keep an eye on what is happening in the media amongst consumers, fans, criticasters, customers, bloggers, influentials and politicians. It’s possible to create various reports by our analyst team, using the Van Riel reputation drivers. You’ll get relevant insights into all expectations and you’ll be able to manage them if necessary.


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benefits of reputation management

• Always up-to-date
• Possibility to get a single report or a weekly, monthly or yearly report
• Create a solid crisis strategy
• Analysis of social media, online media, print and RTV
• Insights in brand reputation, trends, competitors, customers and stakeholders
• Monitor relevant events, situations or issues


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Does your organisation want to take reputation management seriously? Buzzcapture can help you out.

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    Benefits that Buzzcapture offers

  • All-in-one solution for online and offline media
  • Daily e-mail updates
  • Manual or automatic sentiment analysis
  • Measure your ROI and media value
  • Create dynamic reports
  • Integrated social CRM tool
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